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Sources & Resources HUB does not make it’s wide range of sources & resources pool available for anyone and everyone. Acting as an enabler & facilitator we keep on refining our pool and use it at our end to offer only BEST & PERFECT possible solutions.

As a practice, we invite all interested individuals, groups & organizations with their specific OFFERS & REQUIREMENTS and extend our services with UTMOST SECRECY, TRANSPARENCY & EFFECTIVENESS.

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Offered Product/ Service
Such as Candidature for suitable job, Providing any of the services...or Offering product for marketing or Representing business interest......
2 Nature of Offer Such as Contractual/ Spot Offer etc.
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Contact Details
    Name & Address of entity making Offer
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    Designation of dealing Person
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    Fax No.
    Web Address/ Skype/ Linkedin 
5 Offer Specifications     
    General Specifications of Offer
    CRITICAL Specification/ Instruction/ Details of Offer
    Attach/ Upload Profile, Brochure & Specifications Sheet etc.
6 Offer Terms    
    Offer Validity Offer Valid From:
      Offer Valid Upto:
    Offer Price
    Offer Price Break-up
    Other factors governing Offer
    Services to be provided from
    Dispatches to be made from
    Services to be provided within days of Order Confirmation
    Dispatches to be made within days of Order Confirmation
    Attach/ Upload Price Catalogue, Discount, Promotion, Advertisement details, Brochure etc.
7 Sources & Resources HUB Service Charges Taxes & other statutory liabilities will be at actual over mutually agreed service charges.

• Extra Sheet to be used to provide complete details in respect of information either under particulars of offering as listed above or any other information that is crucial for offer or for the user while making decision.
• Please fill-in & submit separate Form for each product & service to be offered..
• Please provide sample, trial-kit, testing methodology, product usage details etc. that may help to comprehensively represent offering.
•There is no legal binding on Sources & Resources HUB and the offer will be extended on it’s platform to the target individuals, groups or organizations if it is found suitable for the requirement. Discretion of Sources & Resources HUB will be final and binding for all purposes, legal or otherwise.
Sources & Resources HUB acts as enabler & facilitator only. It will in no way be responsible for the agreement finally reached, in writing or otherwise between service provider/ product supplier & the customer. Any claim or dispute arising out of the agreement between them and or by provision or usage of the service/ product will be subject matter between service provider/ product supplier & the customer only.
• No charges, notional or otherwise are to be paid by Sources & Resources HUB for any sample, trial/ test kit, brochures, product/ price, catalogues, photograph, any advertising/ promotion/ publicity material or any other material provided by entity while making offer or on request of Sources & Resources HUB for extension of offer on their platform.
• Submission of the information by service provider, product supplier and or customer will be considered as consent to the terms and conditions of Sources & Resources HUB.

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