Services HUB

How do we feel delighted?

There is only one answer……when we experience Right Thing at the Right Time at the Right Place at the Right Price and of the Right Quality.

…….and the experience originates from the services. Most of the time one or the other factors make us feel dissatisfied because we are not able to make the right decision on what to pick, how to pick, when to pick, how much to pay and where from to pick.

Sources & Resources HUB
integrates, coordinates & provides or arranges best of the services available.

Human beings are soul behind any service whether performing a particular function or other gamut of activities for success of the business.

Whether it is Most Suited, Most Deserving Human Resource for the Most Challenging, Most Demanding Job or it is providing the Right Service for the Specific Need, Sources & Resources HUB
acts as enabler & facilitator for all.

Our enabling services have to cover much wider spectrum but we have begun with following:

  • Manpower

  • Marketing

  • Finance & Accounts

  • Audit & Taxation

  • Company Law & Secretarial Services

  • Outsourcing

  • Trainging & Development

  • Facility Managment

  • Fire & Safety

  • Web Hosting & Web Designing

  • IT Solution, Networking, Hardware & AMC

  • Coaching & Courses

  • ......... MANY MORE COMING UP

  • Inviting Offers


    Inviting Requirements

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