SUMATI SHIKSHA initiative like never before Today & Tomorrow's Pride (click here)

TTP - Today & Tomorrow's Pride, an Annual Personality Development Awareness Competition

Everyone has ASPIRATIONS and wish to make a name for himself.

Seldom do we get the GUIDANCE and are able to put our aspirations on the right track.

Coaching Institutes, Classes & Courses should be so designed & equipped that they are able to:

  • Mentor and not only teach, coach or guide

  • Instill much desired competitive attitude

  • Develop mind power

  • Show the path of not only achieving set goals but reinvent and long for newer milestones

  • Help in realizing potential

  • When it is the question of learning and deciding on career, nothing but utmost care should be taken. Sources & Resources HUB enables & facilitates in making such a crucial decision in respect of following -

    • Academic Coaching / Preparatory Classes for Junior to Senior Board Examinations
    • Competitive Exam / Preparatory Coaching / Classes
    • Interview Guidance Programs
    • Correspondences Courses
    • Admission Consultancy & Training
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