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Multiple producers, traders, dealers, suppliers, agents, associates are marketing & selling same or multiple products offering them through super stores, exclusive outlets or showrooms or through online channels with many discounts, promotional schemes advertising and publicity in print, electronic, outdoor or any other media. TOTAL CHAOS, CLUTTERING & CONFUSION……

Products are getting sold & Customers are buying but there is little certainty about BEST & PERFECT sales or purchase. Actual Selling & Buying Processes are presently hindered by EXPECTATIONS, FEARS, DOUBTS & GREED.

In practice, for overall trust, confidence, wellbeing, growth & economy to prosper following is a must:

  • Sellers should not feel that they have to sell but that their products are needed, similarly
  • Buyers should not feel that they are being sold but that they are buying

  • In both the above cases, enabling is required.Sources & Resources HUB will do all that to make sellers feel that their products are needed and buyers feel that they are buying.

    Sources & Resources HUB has ventured in:

  • To provide hand holding services to both Sellers & Buyers. We Search, Collect, Verify, Research, Analyse, Compare, Negotiate and Consent for enabling the sellers & buyers to make actual selling & buying decisions

  • To represent business interests on exclusivity basis

  • Sources & Resources HUB targets to enable actual selling & buying of widest range of products, both in INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS & CONSUMER PRODUCTS Category.

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